Irthlingborough experiences the Battle of Waterloo

Still from the 1913 film titled 'Charge'
Still from the 1913 film titled ‘Charge’

By Luke Smith

For the 200th anniversary this year for the battle of Waterloo Irthlingborough celebrated with a talk by Peter Stratton on 5 May.

Peter’, an expert on the battle, brought photos and hand drawn maps to help set the scene.

Roy York, the Irthlingborough Historical Society Chairman said

“it felt like you were there”

Roy was very pleased with the amount who attended the talk. The talk ended with a discussion and a opportunity to ask questions.

This is not the first time there was a  waterloo celebration in Irthlingborough. In 2013 the village celebrated a 100 anniversary of an early film on the Battle of Waterloo.  The filming took place in  the village.  So many man volunteered to be extras, they had to close two shoe factories for the production.

On the same day of the anniversary of the film there was a live display on the green with soldiers from the 44th Regiment and the Waterloo drummers.

The very first talk Peter did was at a local rotary club after casually talking to a friend about the battle and saying

‘he has enough notes on the battle to give a talk’

Peter has always been interested in British Battle’s but the interest in Waterloo first came to light as he was making notes in his conservatory to stay awake.

If you would like to read Peter’ summary of the battle, please click here

The stills for the 1913 film are currently being produced  by the Historical Society for an exhibit.

For more information about the Irthlingborough Historical Society you can contact them on


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