The Smarties® Nativity

Most of us enjoy eating sweets at Christmas but did you know you can use SmSmarties1arties to think about the story of the first Christmas?

You will need:
A tube of Smarties                          By Rona Orme
Two plates

  1. Tip out the Smarties onto the first plate so you can see all the colours.  Choose a blue one to represent Mary and put it onto the second plate.  Mary is often shown wearing blue in art pictures.
  2. Now find a brown Smartie.  This one is Joseph and the brown reminds us that he was a carpenter who worked with wood.  Put the brown sweet next to the blue one.  Joseph and Mary were married.
  3. Use a purple Smartie, a royal colour, to be baby Jesus.  Place the purple sweet between the blue and brown of Mary and Joseph.Smarties

4. Next put several green Smarties on the other side of the plate – these are the shepherds in the fields watching their sheep.  Suddenly an angel (a pink Smartie – put this near the green ones) appears to tell the shepherds that a very special baby, Jesus, has been born.

5. Now pick a yellow Smartie to be the star.  Put it in some space on the plate by itself.  Then choose three red sweets to show the wise men and place them near the star.  Your nativity scene is nearly ready.

6. But what about the orange Smarties?  Choose an orange one to be you!  Where do you want to be in the picture?  smartiesDo you want to be looking at the star with the wise men, or hearing the good news the angel brought to the shepherds, or looking at Jesus near Mary and Joseph?  Put your orange Smartie in the place you have chosen.  You may want to add other orange Smarties so your family or friends are in the picture too.

7. You could ask someone to take a photo of your nativity scene – and then you can eat your design!

Finished Design

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