Northampton Children Raise Over £900 for Toilets in the Developing World
Northampton Children Raise Over £900 for Toilets in the Developing World
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St Giles Northampton toilet twinning

photo by Peter Scott

Children living in the some of the poorest communities in the world will have access to hygienic toilet facilities, thanks to an initiative by children and young people at a Northampton church.

The youngsters at St Giles Church in the Northampton town centre have raised over £900 to provide four blocks of toilets, three for schools in Chad, Pakistan and Sierra Leone and one in a displacement camp for refugees in the Central African Republic.

The St Giles Children and Families Worker, Jo Smith, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response and the generosity of the children and the congregation of St Giles Church.”

In the run up to Christmas the church’s children and young people were challenged to collect coins in Smartie tubes to twin the toilets in their Church and Church Centre with new toilets in the developing world. The children returned their tubes during the morning service on Sunday 8 January and adult congregation members were asked if they would also like to add their contribution.  When the collection was counted an incredible £960 had been raised!

The toilets will be built by the Toilet Twinning charity which provides safe and hygienic facilities for communities without them.  Donors receive certificates with a GPS position included to show where the money donated has been used.

It is estimated that there are 2.5 billion people in the world without a safe, private, hygienic toilet facility to use.

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