Gleneagles: A Parish without a Church

by Chris Gledhill

When you say the word Parish you often say Church next – not quite the experience for us at Gleneagles Church!

We were established twenty-seven years ago by the Wellingborough town centre parish of All Hallows to serve the growing community in the Gleneagles estate and surrounding area.  On 1 May 2013 the new Gleneagles Parish was formed.  We have grown to over 140 adult members with 40 children and teens through Worship and Service.

Our vision is to extend the facilities we provide for all groups in the community; and to improve what we already do, which includes groups for the elderly, youth and children.

Part of that vision is for a building which will be a sustainable asset for the area and can be a centre for the community.  This will be a church building used for church services and activities, but will also be available for the community to use.  We are hoping with the wide variety of activities it can become a hub of community life.

The proposed building aims to have an open and welcoming style

Some very critical steps have been completed:

The Diocese purchased land, an architect drew up the plans, Planning Consent was obtained, and, as part of the conditions of that consent, we made a start on the site in August 2016.

The major next step is the funding –  this project is valued at £1.9 million pounds. Our fantastic congregation has raised and given over £200,000 and we have received over £38,000 in grants. The latest grant has come from Allchurches Trust Ltd who very kindly gave us £23,000 just after Christmas.  We also have a potential mortgage facility of £400,000 with the CAF bank.

Rev’d Melvyn Pereira, vicar of Gleneagles, said:  “It is great for Gleneagles Anglican Church to have the backing and support of an organization with the integrity and reputation for financial good sense of Allchurches Trust.  Clearly, like us, they believe that God wants a church and community built in this part of North Wellingborough and they are happy to play a part.”

We feel very much that God has blessed us thus far and we prayerfully continue to trust in His provision.

Bishop Donald said:  “As a Diocese we have supported Gleneagles Church with the purchase of land for their new church and community building. We have also created the new Gleneagles Parish for this Church to reach and serve in the name of Christ. A new church building is a very major project: may Gleneagles know God’s rich blessing and joy as they discern and follow his will in this.

Bishop Donald said that there’s not a lot of money around for new church buildings,  so we continue to turn to the One who has all things under His control.

There’s so much more that could say but space is limited – however our project website  has loads of additional information with pictures and videos. So please pray with us that in time this vision will be accomplished.

On 5 February Bishop Donald visited the site with Rev’d Melvyn Pereira and Chris Gledhill, the Building Project Manager.



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