Turning ‘swords’ into ploughshares

Northampton Hope Centre has been helping homeless, poor and disadvantaged people in Northampton for over forty years. Originally set up as a soup kitchen, the organisation now not only helps people in desperate need, it also helps them to move on out of homelessness and poverty and into training and work.

About 100 people a day come into our day centre on Campbell Street in Northampton where they can get free food, cheap hot breakfasts and lunches, and take away a big bag of food for 70p. Most of the food is given to Hope from the local community.  People can get showers, clothes, haircuts and footcare, and they also are able to attend crafts and social activities that help them feel more a part of society, where they learn to work together and gain confidence.

However just giving food and clothes will not help a person move on from homelessness and poverty. That’s why Hope set up Hope Enterprises, which offers training and experience, and for some, actual jobs in catering and in tool repair alongside our trainers and managers.

The catering business supplies lovely, tasty and good value buffets for any occasion, and by buying from Hope, you help an ex- homeless person get skills and experience along with great food.  You can book on 01604 289111 or look at http://www.hopecatering.org.uk/.

The tool repair business offers work placements recycling old garden tools which Hope sells to raise money for its work. Trainees learn skills with machinery and in retail. It’s a great way to clear out old tools you want to dispose of,  and the charity and its clients benefit!

Tools can be bought, and old tools donated, at Workbridge Garden Centre, Bedford Road, Northampton, and at our workshop at 35-37 Campbell Street Northampton.

Old tools for repair can be donated at Yardley Hastings Garden centre and Bells on Kingsthorpe Road Northampton. Large loads could be collected by ringing 0845 5199371 in advance.

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