Happy Birthday All Saints

by Caroline Skinner

All Saints’ first birthday greeting came literally from the sky, with a fly-past by The Blades, the Sywell based aerobatic team of ex Red Arrows pilots.  After months of waiting, we finally got the date and time of the fly-past – Tuesday, 11th October, at 11.40am.

The Blades over All Saints’ photo by Valdemar Papiernik.

All Saints’parishioners and others, including the Mayor and Mayoress, gathered either behind the church or in the Castle Theatre car park, a few equipped with expensive-looking cameras.

They were watching the clouds that were beginning to appear, praying that they would go away.  The sun broke through, the clouds drifted apart, 11.40am came and went.  The tension was palpable!

They stared south-west, in the direction of Swanspool Gardens and strained their ears.  Nothing!  How long should they give it?  Ten minutes?


Disappointment was starting to set in.  Then, on the dot of 11.53, a distant roar could be heard and, descending through the clouds in diamond formation, came The Blades, trailing white smoke as they flew over the church. Swinging left, then right, they finally flew back into the clouds and away.

Thank you , The Blades, for our first birthday present!

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