Can’t buy me love – Election musings

by Archdeacon Richard

Remember the Beatles?

Early in 1964 the Beatles stayed at the five star George V hotel in Paris while they were performing 18 days of concerts at the Olympia Theatre.  During their stay they asked for an upright piano to be moved into one of the rooms so that they could carry on song writing. It was at that piano that Paul McCartney wrote “Can’t Buy Me Love.” The song was then recorded at EMI’s Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris and the rest, as they say, is history.

UK Polling Booth, photo by Microchip

I was recently taking a school assembly. We were talking about some of the things that money can’t buy – like love (as the Beatles might say). The children added to the list: friendship, kindness, smiles … even appreciation. One of the youngest children said, “money can’t buy truth”. What a great answer!

I love the beautiful balance of the words in the opening chapter of John’s gospel: Jesus came “full of grace and truth”. If grace has no truth then anything goes. If truth has no grace then we are into Pharisee territory. But Jesus comes to us full of grace and truth – and that is something money can’t buy. It’s an unusual and refreshing combination in our 21st century world.

Election times are full of promises, counter promises, allegations, disagreements, full-scale arguments and (maybe just occasionally) lies. Christians have the example of Jesus who came to us full of grace and truth. As disciples we are commanded to be obedient followers of our Lord … to be like him … to think his thoughts … to speak his words … to walk his path. If he is full of grace and truth then so should we be.

As our nation and our world enters a time of significant change we must, more than ever before, exhibit the grace and truth of Jesus. It’s something money can’t buy.


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