Lent resources available for 2019 from The Leprosy Mission

Heal Nepal is a campaign from The Leprosy Mission to find, heal and cure people affected by leprosy in Nepal. This includes reaching them through outreach teams before they develop permanent disabilities, or caring for them for months at Anandaban Hospital (10 miles outside Kathmandu) while their wounds heal and they undergo life-changing surgery.

The Leprosy Mission has produced a devotional booklet for Lent, focusing on its Heal Nepal campaign, which can be found here. They also produce a regular prayer diary – the latest edition of which can be found here.

Please continue to hold the work of Heal Nepal and The Leprosy Mission in your prayers as they embark on this vital work.

For more information on The Leprosy Mission, visit www.leprosymission.org.uk. For more details on the Heal Nepal campaign, visit www.healnepal.org.uk.

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