Come and See

From Easter until Pentecost, Peterborough Cathedral and The Diocese of Peterborough are working together on a joint mission – ‘Come and See’.

It is based around The Word One to One, a resource developed in response to questions from non-believers about God and the Bible. Based on John’s Gospel, it can be used by every Christian as a way of reading the Gospel of John with anyone one to one – regardless of age, background or belief.

We hope that every parish within the Diocese will be able to get involved in some way with the four strands of ‘Come and See’:

  • Pray and See

Members of the congregation in each and every one of our parishes are invited to pray for five people they know to take a step towards faith.

On Maundy Thursday (18th April), clergy from around the diocese will come to the Cathedral to renew their ordination vows. This year, they will each be given a candle to take back to their parish to light during the Intercessions, when people can pray these prayers together.

You might also like to link in with the national call to prayer, Thy Kingdom Come, which offers free downloadable resources for churches, individuals and families.

  • Prepare and See

There are all sorts of ways of sharing our faith, and these will be different for each relationship and person. The truth is that most of us need a bit of help and advice in this area. Here are three suggestions:

The Word One to One: Each Deanery has a full set of this resource, which is available to parishes. Alternatively it can also be bought for £28 (two sets – one for you and one for a friend) via The Word One to One website, or downloaded free via this Dropbox link.

Sharing Faith: This free resource from the Diocese is designed as a three session course for both groups and individuals.

Training: Hear direct from Richard Borgonon, co-author of The Word One to One, about how he has used this resource. The same session is being offered at two venues in the Diocese – Wednesday 8th May at Peterborough Cathedral and Tuesday 21st May in Northampton (venue to be confirmed). Both sessions begin at 7.30pm.

  • Share and See

Share your faith: Look out for opportunities to share your faith with those you are praying for, or even in unexpected quarters.

Share with other churches: Each parish is invited to designate a link person, who can keep in touch with the Diocese about how things are going. The person to contact about these updates is Sarah Brown at

  • Come and See

All parishes who are involved in ‘Come and See’ are invited to come together for a prayer and praise event in the Cathedral on Saturday 25th May at 5.30pm.

There will also be an evangelistic event at the Cathedral on Monday 10th June at 7.30pm. Richard Borgonon will be speaking about the Bible and why it’s worth taking a look at it. Others will also share their journey to faith. It’s an ideal event to invite friends and family along to.

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