Come and See

Between Easter and Pentecost this year, the Cathedral and the Diocese are working together on a joint mission – Come and See – to pray and equip every church in the Diocese for growth.

Recognising that every church is different and that many are short of money, the mission is based on three things that anyone can do, and that ought already to be part of the DNA of the Church: Prayer, telling our own stories and reading the Bible!

There is nothing ‘whizz-bang’ about this initiative and there is no obligation to do any of it, but it is very simple, harnesses resources that you may already know, and will, we believe, make a real difference to any church that joins in.

There will also be a prayer and praise event at the Cathedral on Monday 10th June at 7.30pm. Richard Borgonon will be speaking about the Bible and why it’s worth taking a look at it. Others will also share their journey to faith. It’s an ideal event to invite friends and family along to.

You can see the parishes currently involved in ‘Come and See’ below:

We hope that every parish, large or small, well-resourced or struggling, within the Diocese will be able to get involved in some way with the different strands of Come and See (click on the titles for more information):

Pray & See

The first thing that any person in any parish can do is pray specifically for God to bring individuals to faith.

Members of the congregation in each and every one of our parishes are invited to pray for five people they know to take a step towards faith.

You might also like to link in with the national call to prayer, Thy Kingdom Come, which offers free downloadable resources for churches, individuals and families.

Tell & See

As those prayers are answered, then local churches need to be equipped to tell of their faith to enquirers.

Read & See

Through sharing the Gospel, individuals can help convert enquirers into new Christians and disciples.

Pray & See, Tell & See, Read & See … COME & SEE What God Can Do!

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