Come & See Update – 7 June 2019

CHURCHES: – here’s the latest on who’s doing what …

St John the Baptist, Chalveston

  • Prayer stations have been set up
  • New photo of the ‘Pray and See’ candle in action

Whitefriars Rushden

We have a prayer event every day for the 10 days and then a 24 hour prayer vigil on Saturday/Sunday 8 -9 June

Praying the ‘Pray and See’ candle

The photo (left) show the children’s’ prayer activities with Lego models showing heaven on earth.

 St Mary’s, Peterborough

  • ‘Thursday Prayers’ this week will include a service of ‘Prayer During the Day’ and prayers on the theme of TKC.
  • Below are photos of the ‘Thy Kingdom Come – Come and Pray’ day held on 31st May, from 11am to 7pm. The chapel was open with Thy Kingdom Come and other resources on display.

People were invited to do a ‘Prayer Walk’ around the church. There was a handout which people took with them and 8 Prayer Rests to visit, with suggestions that they might like to do i.e. pray for 5 friends, take a prayer card that meant something to them, blow bubbles and, each time you blow a bubble, you say a prayer and watch your prayer float to God.

Light a candle and pray for a particular person or situation, write a prayer to put on our Prayer Board, hold the holding cross and realize that God is always with you and think how much He loves you.

Throw the prayer dice and pray according to how it lands. Focus on icons, flowers and beautiful images that were displayed, thanking God for the beauty of the world, for our senses, for beautiful works of art, for our lives, talents, skills and love, with the encouragement to determine to share our gifts, skills and love with others, to help other people and to grow God’s kingdom.

To say the Lord’s Prayer a second time and to choose a stone or pebble to take away, thinking how that particular one relates to you and your life, your feelings and your plans, with the encouragement to dedicate your life afresh to God.

People found the walk helpful and took away copies of the TKC literature and other prayer cards and leaflets etc we had found, including the ‘try praying’ booklet.

What people have said about it:

“I felt overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit”.

 “Very helpful, calming, reassuring”.

 “So peaceful. Thank you for this space of time and place to reflect, renew and re-dedicate my faith”.

 “Stepping inside, one step away from the hustle and bustle of the traffic.
Cool embrace, sweet smelling aromas and a sense of calm.
chance to be still and ignite the power of the Holy spirit”.

 “Thank you for opening the church and providing a space for us to meet with God. Powerful encounters such as these I pray will never cease to amaze me. Today, my prayers were answered swiftly and easily, leaving me feel so encouraged. Also, wanted to add how deep the Prayer Walk took me…. New depths of the Lord’s Prayer at every line”.

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