Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches book review

by Karen Setchfield

Extreme Crafts for Messy Churches by Pete Maidment and Barry Brand  Published by The Bible Reading Fellowship

Extreme Crafts is a book containing 50 Activity Ideas for Messy Churches.  What makes this particular craft book interesting is each activity has a different Mess, Danger and Difficulty rating.

Intrigued by the book, I took it home to try a couple of the activities with my Daughter Elissa, 5 and Son Joshua, 3.

We tried the Toy Car Track activity Mess Rating 2/5 Danger Rating 3/5 Difficulty Rating 5/5.  The craft is almost a game.  The idea is that you have to get a small car from one side of the room to another with one push, not allowing it to travel on the floor.   We used box lids to create a track and a paper towel tube for the shoot to launch the cars with enough speed to keep going to the end of the track.  Unfortunately, we hadn’t reckoned on the hot wheels wanting to drive off the edges of the box lids.

At this point, my husband Luke began to get involved – he couldn’t help himself.  The craft had us all working together to make a channel of straws that kept the cars on track.  Needless to say we all loved it and it was surprisingly challenging.   This task managed to keep us entertained all afternoon going into the evening.

The children were completely engaged by the task and enjoyed their role as an integral part of the Setchfield Race Team.

Elissa told me “I feel so happy because we have to keep practicing to get it right.”

They were both so proud when they managed to get their first car across the track.

What I found especially good with this one activity is it fostered a real feeling of team work.  Everyone came together to come up with new ideas to solve the problems of keeping the cars on track.  We were so engaged in this that we completely forgot the time.  All of this came from just doing the first activity.  We couldn’t wait to try another.

Extreme Crafts is aimed for Messy Churches play but I would suggest any church or household which has children should purchase this book it will keep you and your children entertained for hours.

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