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This weekend is going to be a busy one for members of Christ the King in Kettering as they prepare to take part in their ‘CtK 2020 Challenge’. A group of five families are aiming to travel from the church to Peterborough Cathedral on Saturday 7th September by cycling, swimming, canoeing and running. We caught up with Ingemar Hunnings, one of those due to take part, to ask him about the challenge.

What made you as a church decide to take up this challenge?

The ‘CtK 2020 Challenge’ is all about providing more and better space at the church to better serve our community. We want to plan for and facilitate growth of God’s Kingdom, providing a better welcome experience and being able to accommodate the changing needs of the community and staff. This multi-sport challenge was the idea of a few families in the church who are friends and enjoy sport. It’s a different way to raise some money – and of course it’s a target to train to get fit as well!

Whose idea was it?

Mike and Kate Oxford and Jon and Bridget (we call her B) Lawson joined my wife Brenda and me for my birthday last November. I think Jon originally came up with the core of the idea, and we fleshed it out over dinner and a bottle or two of wine!

Ingemar (second from right) and his fellow cyclists take a break from training.

What will be the running order of the day? Who is doing what – and when?

The day, Saturday 7th September, will start off at 7.00am with a 24 km cycle from Christ the King in Kettering to Cotterstock in Northamptonshire. Then a couple of people will swim 4.5 km to Fotheringhay, whilst the rest canoe. There will then be a further 24 km canoe to Ferry Meadows in Peterborough. That will be followed by a 6 km run/walk to Peterborough Cathedral. We cannot open it up to people in general, for health and safety reasons. If people want to join us, they need to contact me (ingyhunnings@gmail.com), although it is only really the cycle at the start and the run/walk at the end that they could join in with.

The money raised is going towards the CtK2020 project – could you tell us more about this project?

We want to create a bigger welcome space with facilities for tea and coffee, and to rotate the entrance so that it faces Deeble Road – to make it more welcoming and be a useful meeting, greeting and relaxing area. We want to extend our kitchen to better facilitate the catering done for the many groups of all ages that use the buildings, and who make up our community (at present, it is very difficult to cater for more than a few). We plan to add more toilets, better configured rooms for youth and other community groups to use, and finally to provide office space for the staff. This is all to facilitate the further growth of God’s Kingdom. It is a huge project, a massive step out in faith and a large amount of money to raise (£1.5 million). We are not a wealthy church but believe that we are following God’s calling to be his voice and hands on the Ise Lodge Estate and beyond.

An artist’s impression of the planned updated building at Christ the King, Kettering.

What are you specifically hoping to do with the money raised from this challenge?

Our vision is to build deeper relationships and stronger communities that serve people more effectively by improving and extending our church building. We want to grow space, grow community and grow together as we serve God’s Kingdom.

What other fundraising activities do you have planned?

A number of different activities have already happened, including our Associate Vicar sleeping ‘behind bars’ for two nights in our church entrance between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We have hosted pop-up clothes shops, and one member of the congregation cycled from Windsor to Versaille! Other activities are also in the planning at the moment so watch this space.

To donate to the ‘CtK 2020 Challenge’, visit https://www.goldengiving.com/fundraising/4families4eventsctk2020.

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