‘Complete nonsense and shameful’ – Bishop Donald takes part in House of Lords war widows’ pension debate

Bishop Donald was in the House of Lords last Tuesday (25th February), and took part in a debate regarding war widows’ pensions. The debate regarded the rights of war widows to payments after they have remarried.

Bishop Donald’s contribution was as follows:

My Lords, does the noble Baroness (referring to Baroness Goldie, Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence) agree that the scandal of this situation is that it applies only in cases where the incident that caused death occurred between April 1973 and April 2005? Those widowed because of an incident before 1973 or after 2005 do not lose their benefit if they remarry. That is complete nonsense and shameful. Should it not be put right? Furthermore, the noble Baroness has described this payment as a benefit. Can we not describe it instead as compensation? Should not war widows’ pensions be called ‘war widows’ compensation’ so that widows are not subject to this sort of withdrawal?

A video of Bishop Donald’s speech can be found below:

A transcript of the full debate, including Bishop Donald’s speech, can be found here.

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