Thought for the Day videos

We are producing daily ‘Thought for the Day’ videos at 9:30am on weekday mornings during the current coronavirus situation. We will be uploading them onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We will also upload the videos on to this page, so that you can see all of the videos in one place.

We really hope that you will find these videos uplifting and encouraging. It’s really important to keep in touch and encourage one another.

“Slow down, turn on the lights, heed the warnings, hold on to hope”

Steve Benoy gives us encouragement during this difficult time.

Paul Adams encourages us to be generous and to make our own houses “houses of prayer”.

“The Gospel is bearing fruit”

Charlie Nobbs reminds us that God’s Spirit continues to move at this time – in unexpected ways.

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit.”

Pete Squires challenges us to look at our lives – past, present and future – now that we have more time on our hands.

“Chaos and Creation in the Backyard; Sigh No More; Riding with the King”

Archdeacon Richard looks at Psalm 23 (as well as three of his CDs) to offer comfort at this time.

“How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Steve Benoy, the diocesan Director of Ordinands, explores the topic of worshipping authentically during this unusual time. (The written text for this reflection can be downloaded here.)

“God continues to do what God does.”

Our Stewardship Officer, Paul Adams, encourages us today not to fear – and to try and spend a bit more time with God during this unusual time.

“Find a way to make a simple rhythm”

Charlie Nobbs, our Director of Mission, talks about how to keep a daily routine during this unusual time.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Pete Squires from our Stewardship team encourages us to “embrace our faith” during this difficult time.

“To breakfast with the Lord … is to enjoy the day of heaven upon the earth.”

The first video from Archdeacon Richard reminds us that God remains with us all – always.

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