Communications Assistant for the Diocese- Meet Karen

Ready to help - Karen Setchfield
Ready to help – Karen Setchfield

By Luke Smith

Karen is a vital part to the communications team here at the diocesan office in Peterborough.

Karen’s main role within the diocese is to take on the mammoth task of the directory, keeping the database up-to-date as well as the sending of the pink Parish Detail Forms.  You may also have been in contact with her regarding distribution queries on Cycle of Prayer and Magazine Resource.

Karen and her two children have been resource testers for Messy Church and writes for the Magazine Resource.

Its been 12 years on February 17 2015 that’s she first walked through the door to start work here at the diocesan office and will be one of the first people you see as you enter reception.  Karen is a very warm lady with a genuine smile and has a lot of time for people and enjoys connecting with them.

Karen is married to Luke and has two beautiful children Elissa (5) and Joshua (3)

Since having the children, she now works part time leaving at 2.30 everyday and not working on Wednesdays, if you would like to get hold of her, the email is or via the phone 01733 887011

Ps Karen has a found friendship with Harold the heater:):)

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