Find out what the Gen2 missioners have been doing during lockdown

Alex Stockbridge, our Gen2 Project Manager, has given an update as to what the Gen2 missioners have been doing during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Gen2 missioners have been working creatively during the current lockdown, continuing to be a presence within their communities.

Chris Watts at Christ the King, Kettering has been hosting small gatherings of young people online. He has been utilising ‘Steam Remote Play‘ which has allowed him to host local multi-player games with people over the internet, for free.

Lizzie Moesbauer at Whitefriars, Rushden has been organising Taskmaster activities twice a week. This requires young people and their families to submit videos of themselves completing specified tasks, with the winner being crowned once the lockdown has been lifted. One incredible challenge involved ‘the longest tea bag throw’, with one family incredibly managing to throw a tea bag continuously around Rushden.

Emma Kirby at St Mary’s, Weldon – the church is working in partnership with the village volunteer group looking after isolated and vulnerable people in the community. The lockdown has provided a great opportunity for Emma to develop relationships with those requiring support, as well as volunteers. Emma has also been involved with running a sing-along toddlers group every week.

Claire Reetz at Tove Benefice has been part of a wider pastoral team who have been contacting regular Sunday church worshippers, and also those families who have been attending less formal versions of church. The team has been contacting upwards of 350 families and individuals during the lockdown, each week. A fantastic effort from everyone involved.

As we live in the glory of Christ’s resurrection – holding on to the hope that Christ brings, even in a time when darkness is present – we are reminded of the ways which we can bring light, using the skills that we have been given, so that we can be present to those around us in our homes, communities and those we engage with remotely. We are not called to minister to everyone in the same way – some may have gifts of preaching, others administration – but we are called to use God’s gifts to lead us deeper into relationship with him, and be a presence of Christ in our community.

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