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We are producing daily ‘Thought for the Day’ videos at 9:30am on weekday mornings during the current coronavirus situation. We will be uploading them onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We will also upload the videos on to this page, so that you can see all of the videos in one place.

We really hope that you will find these videos uplifting and encouraging. It’s really important to keep in touch and encourage one another.

“Church buildings”

Pete Squires reflects on the story of Nehemiah and changes we may face when we return to our church buildings.

“Pray as you can, not as you can’t”


Richard Ormston talks about Charles Haddon Spurgeon a 19th century Victorian preacher and on the importance of prayer.


Carys Walsh touches on Thy Kingdom Come 2020 and using the experience of waiting as time to stop, reflect and pray.

“Humanity behind the headlines”

Steve Benoy reflects on the current Dominic Cummings story and asks us to think of the humanity behind such stories.

“The lost sheep”

Hannah Jeffery wonders who the “lost sheep” are that God is putting on our hearts to pray for.

“I am the vine”

Paul Adams encourages us to remain close to God at all times – and to serve others in His glory.

“Thy kingdom come” 

Beverley Hollins encourages us to pray for the coming of God’s kingdom, and to live this out.

“Jesus is there for you and for me”

Pete Squires encourages us to ‘be Jesus’ to others during this time.

“Fire the starting gun”

Richard Ormston reflects on Matthew 28:18–20 and how we can live this passage out, even during these unusual times.

“Everything has the potential to be fruitful”

Carys Walsh reflects on Rogation Day and reminds us that everyone and everything is precious to God.

“Mission is about seeing what God is up to, and joining in”

Steve Benoy asks how we are looking for God’s signs and listening to God’s voice.

“Blessed are those who mourn”

Hannah Jeffery reflects on these times, encouraging us to make time to grieve.

“Joy and praise”

Paul Adams encourages us to boost our morale by making joy and praise part of our lives.

“What matters is that you pray”

Beverley Hollins encourages us to make time and space to spend time with God.

“Uncompromising existence”

Pete Squires looks at Esther and asks us if we have a similar ‘on fire’ faith in God.

“Behold, I make all things new”

Richard Ormston reflects on VE Day and the current lockdown, and how change has to be the result of such a situation.

“We are creatures of God”

Carys Walsh reflects on The Coronavirus Diaries and what their findings mean for people with – and without – faith in God.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul”

Steve Benoy reminds us that those who belong to Jesus have a hope – firm and secure.

“Hardship as discipline”

Hannah Jeffery asks whether we are willing to approach this period of lockdown as a time of training.

“Reshaping the world that we’re living in”

Paul Adams uses Jeremiah to ask whether something in our lives needs to be remoulded.

“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

Bev Hollins reminds us that we can cry out to God for help whenever we need to.

“He gives strength to the weary”

Pete Squires reminds us that God will sustain us during the pressures of this unusual time.

“How are you going to sing a new song?”

 Archdeacon Richard challenges us to find new ways of communicating the good news of Jesus.

“Walking around with fresh eyes”

Carys Walsh reminds us that we are never alone – we are all caught up in God’s love.

“The whole of our life is of interest to God”

Steve Benoy reminds us that all of us has a vocation, whether within the Church or not.

“Do you know Jesus’ voice?”

Hannah Jeffery reflects on the voice of Jesus – the one who provides our safety, comfort and sustenance.

“Our God is a specialist in change”

Paul Adams reflects on how churches have responded to this current situation – and how this could continue into the future.


Bev Hollins encourages us to think positively, based on Paul’s words in Philippians 4.

“Sit at His feet”

Pete Squires encourages us to enjoy what we’re doing during lockdown – and not to worry.

“Don’t things change quickly”

Archdeacon Richard looks at the Resurrection to remind us that God is with us through all the changes of life.

“A living hope”

Steve Benoy looks at the words of Peter to inspire those living in the light of the Resurrection.

“Do you long to experience something new?”

Paul Adams encourages us to ask God for new experiences of him – and to mark those things.

“This lockdown is a chance to see ourselves as God sees us”

Archdeacon Richard encourages us to take a look at ourselves at this time.

“Ordinary people with an extraordinary faith”

Pete Squires challenges us to look at Bible stories and characters as examples to live up to ourselves.

“May this time of darkness be a time where God is – for you”

Steve Benoy reminds us that is God is always there in the midst of troubles.

“How will we be known?”

Paul Adams looks at Galatians and encourages us to show the Gifts of the Spirit to those around us.

“The candle has been snuffed out … but Jesus is just around the corner”

Charlie Nobbs uses art to show that we are never alone, even in the darkest of times.

“What we plant now will be significant in the time to come”

Pete Squires reminds us that we need to “sow the seed” at this strange time as much as we ever have done.

“You’re more than just another brick in the wall”

Archdeacon Richard reminds us just how much Jesus knows us, and how precious we are to Him.

“Slow down, turn on the lights, heed the warnings, hold on to hope”

Steve Benoy gives us encouragement during this difficult time.

Paul Adams encourages us to be generous and to make our own houses “houses of prayer”.

“The Gospel is bearing fruit”

Charlie Nobbs reminds us that God’s Spirit continues to move at this time – in unexpected ways.

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit.”

Pete Squires challenges us to look at our lives – past, present and future – now that we have more time on our hands.

“Chaos and Creation in the Backyard; Sigh No More; Riding with the King”

Archdeacon Richard looks at Psalm 23 (as well as three of his CDs) to offer comfort at this time.

“How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Steve Benoy, the diocesan Director of Ordinands, explores the topic of worshipping authentically during this unusual time. (The written text for this reflection can be downloaded here.)

“God continues to do what God does.”

Our Stewardship Officer, Paul Adams, encourages us today not to fear – and to try and spend a bit more time with God during this unusual time.

“Find a way to make a simple rhythm”

Charlie Nobbs, our Director of Mission, talks about how to keep a daily routine during this unusual time.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Pete Squires from our Stewardship team encourages us to “embrace our faith” during this difficult time.

“To breakfast with the Lord … is to enjoy the day of heaven upon the earth.”

The first video from Archdeacon Richard reminds us that God remains with us all – always.

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