Guidance from the Church of England regarding counting attendance

Churches are busier than ever, whether it is providing pastoral care and support for their congregations or navigating the daunting task of reopening their doors, so we recognise that collecting information on virtual church offerings may not be a priority for some. However, for those who are keen, we have produced a simple attendance tracker spreadsheet which enables churches to keep a record of the different things they may offer.

There is also a guidance note on how best to use this.

While we recognise that it will not be a priority for all churches, we have had many requests asking what information churches should be collecting about their virtual church. We do not yet know what will be the best measures to count, but we do know that mission and policy discussions are more concerned with what churches are doing and who they are engaging with, rather than any numbers. In time, though, we will be asking for your best estimates of some measures about how you continued church during these days when our churches are closed, or only open for limited purposes or to restricted groups of people.

The spreadsheet is for the personal use of churches only. However, we would welcome any feedback from churches on improvements. Churches should not return this spreadsheet to us, but keep it safely until such a time as we have a better understanding of the most appropriate measures we will be collecting from churches.


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