Thought for the Day videos

We are producing daily ‘Thought for the Day’ videos at 9:30am on weekday mornings during the current coronavirus situation. We will be uploading them onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We will also upload the videos on to this page, so that you can see all of the videos in one place.

We really hope that you will find these videos uplifting and encouraging. It’s really important to keep in touch and encourage one another.

“The prayer of a dying man”

Beverley Hollins asks us to come together in unity as followers of Christ.

“Letting Jesus take over”

Pete Squires asks us to metaphorically take off our masks in our lives to let Jesus lead us.


Richard Ormston asks us to keep our lives underpinned by God’s Word.

“Rest in Jesus”

Maggie Kelly gives us some helpful advice of how we can rest in the presence of Jesus.

“The jigsaw of faith”

Michael Moore asks us to think of one person who has helped us in our faith, and to thank them.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart”

Jenny Ingram gives us hints of how we can use memory verses to help us during this stressful time.

“God blesses those who mourn”

Paul Adams looks at the Beatitudes to remind us that God has a special heart for those who are mourning.

“Removing the ivy”

Bev Hollins asks us to think about the things that constrain us in our lives.

“We need to recognise and fix the problem”

Pete Squires looks at our sin, and challenges us to rectify any problems and stop what is causing us damage.


Richard Ormston looks at how vicars are depicted on TV, and wonders how we all reflect the person of Jesus.

“This is the Way”

Maggie Kelly looks at the disorienting changes of the last few days, and encourages us to be still and listen to God.

“Who are you going to follow?”

Michael Moore looks at the story of the wise men on this day of Epiphany to encourage us to follow Jesus continually.

“Chalking the doors”

Jenny Ingram asks for Jesus to be with us in our households in a unique way – via the tradition of chalking the doors.

“God is with us”

Paul Adams shares his hopes for the New Year, and reminds us to love our neighbours as God loves us.

“Whatever your Christmas holds, God is with us”

All the Thought for the Day team wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

 “The hope he brings”

Pete Squires talks about preparations for Christmas and hope and asks what does Christmas mean to you?

“Memories of Christmas”

Richard Ormston shares with us his favourite memories of Christmas growing up.


Maggie shares with us that today is the shortest day and talks of the coming of light in a time of darkness.

“A little change can make a big difference”

Michael Moore challenges us to make a small change every day to make the world a better place.

“Melting our hearts”

Jenny Ingram reminds us that God can continually come in to our hearts and transform us.

“Go and prepare the way”

Paul Adams encourages us to say sorry to God – and to encourage others to do the same.

“Water in the wilderness”

Bev Hollins uses the example of John the Baptist to challenge us to be “instruments of God’s justice”.

“The real cost of bringing the Word

Pete Squires reflects on the true value of the Bible in our lives.

“God with us”

Richard Ormston looks at the incarnation of Jesus, and why we can celebrate it at any time of year.


Maggie Kelly looks at the story of Mary from Luke 1 and encourages us to take hold of the promises of God.


Michael Moore asks us to say thank you to God for people who have helped us in our faith – and to be an inspiration to others.

“… and with all the company of heaven”

Jenny Ingram reminds us that those who loved Jesus, whom we have loved and lost, remain with us, and that they are safe with God.

“He will remember us”

Paul Adams reminds us that God always remembers, and is with us, even when times are tough.

“What do you need?”

Bev Hollins challenges us to ask people what they need when we are asked for help.

“Do we walk on the other side of the road?”

Pete Squires reflects on the story of the Good Samaritan and modern-day poverty – do we ignore people’s needs?

“Be prepared!”

Richard Ormston reflects on the real meaning of Advent.

“In Him was light”

Maggie Kelly reminds us that the light of Jesus never goes out, and is the life of all mankind.

(The video ends at 5:48)

“There is a recipe”

Michael Moore marks the start of Advent by asking “What sort of Christian are you?”

“Couch to pray”

Jenny Ingram recommends some apps for us to quickly get back into an active prayer life.

“The hand of God”

Paul Adams reflects on the death of Diego Maradona and the influence of God in our lives.

“Pastoral principles”

Bev Hollins reflects on the importance of listening to one another – especially if we have differing views.

“Understand, trust, believe, follow”

Pete Squires shares the four Christian principles that we should all live by.

“The Prince of Peace”

Richard Ormston reminds us that Jesus provides “five-star peace”, no matter what else is happening.

“Count your blessings”

Maggie Kelly asks us to think about what God might be teaching us at this time, which we can then pass on to others.

“A measured approach”

Michael Moore looks at the measured, calm character of Jesus, and asks if we are the same.

“How long, O Lord?”

Jenny Ingram uses the words of Habakkuk to remind us that God WILL one day come and bring justice.

“Are you the one?”

Paul Adams reflects on how Jesus looks for us as individuals when we are lost.

“Intentional kindness”

Bev Hollins reflects on kindness and encourages us to be deliberate about being kind to others (it’s a Fruit of the Spirit, after all).

“Out of obedience to Jesus comes an abundance”

Pete Squires reflects on the miraculous catch of fish in Luke 5, and the abundant life that Jesus promises his followers.

“Forgiving and forgetting”

Richard Ormston reflects on memories and encourages us to be forgiving people.

“Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in your sight”

Jenny Ingram reflects on our words and how they should always be in line with our Christian faith.

“God is unchanging”

Michael Moore reminds us that as the seasons change, God remains constantly with us.

“The best wine”

Paul Adams reflects on weddings and the huge generosity of God.

“Think in the way Paul asked us to”

Bev Hollins encourages us to be “intentional about positives”, and to think about things which are good.

“When we come to the end of our hoarded resources, the Father’s loving is just beginning”

Pete Squires encourages us to have the hope of Jesus during this time.

“The person walking alongside you makes the difference”

Richard Ormston reflects on the poem Footprints as we await lockdown once again.

“Daily rhythm”

Maggie Kelly encourages us to establish a routine over the few weeks, and to include spending quiet time with God as part of that routine.


Michael Moore asks us to give Jesus all our repairs in our heart and life, and reflects on life-skill classes he took at school.

“Pumpkin prayer”

Jenny Ingram leads us in a special pumpkin prayer to help us show that Jesus is the Light of the World.


Paul Adams reminds us that if we trust in God (and spend time with him), our lives flourish.

“There will be good for us”

Bev Hollins reminds us that heart-filling joy is promised to us by God.

“Changing hearts”

Pete Squires explains how we’re in the business of changing hearts.

“We are where we are”

Richard Ormston reminds us that the past has gone, and that God wants us to make the most of the present.

“Rooted in God”

Maggie Kelly encourages us to stand firm in our faith so we can develop deep roots.

“Ironing out the wrinkles”

Michael Moore talks about ironing and how God can ignore out our wrinkles if we let him.

“What are you like when you’re hungry?”

Jenny Ingram asks if we are a people who are hungry (or hangry) for Jesus, or for justice.

“What can you give to God’s work?”

Paul Adams looks at Exodus 25 and reminds us that we can give to God’s work in a variety of ways.


Bev Hollins talks on the importance of education and reads from Proverbs 4.

“The wisdom of James”

Pete Squires shares with us what he has learnt from studying the book of James – listen, accept, act on it.


Richard Ormston provides some encouragement for those who are missing singing in church, and asks us what our favourite hymn is.


Maggie Kelly encourages us to step out in prayer as she shares with us her experience of God’s healing power.


Michael Moore reflects on being thankful to God for this year’s harvest, and asks us, “Has your faith grown this year?”

“Take opportunities”

Jenny Ingram looks at the introduction of Northamptonshire Sauce to encourage us to bring Jesus into every situation.

“I praise you, Lord”

Paul Adams encourages us to sing private praises to God, for we can find shelter in Him.

“I remember that you are but dust”

Richard Ormston reassures us that when we get things wrong, Jesus understands.

“Instinctive behaviour”

Pete Squires asks us if putting our faith first in every way is second nature to us.

“Love is better than rules”

Maggie Kelly reminds us that putting Jesus first is more important than rules.

“Thank you”

Richard Ormston shows his gratitude (on behalf of all of us) to all teachers and support staff for all they are coping with at this time.

“God cares”

Michael Moore reminds us about God’s care for us and His willingness to carry our burdens.

“He is for you”

Jenny Ingram reminds us that God delights in us, so we are deserving of his forgiveness (because of what he has done).

“Build the Church”

Paul Adams reflects on the life of St Francis, and how his work in building God’s kingdom can inspire us.

“Jars of clay”

Bev Hollins reminds us that the light of Christ often shines through the broken places.

“The heart”

Pete Squires uses Luke 7:36–50 to encourage us to be humble and broken before Jesus.

‘Cornerstone’ by Hillsong Live is the ideal song to listen to afterwards.

“Stop, look, listen!”

Richard Ormston reminds us about the importance of taking time to rest and being aware of God’s presence.


Maggie Kelly reminds us to trust and believe in the power of the Word of God at this time of change and difficulty.

“God has made this world for us to enjoy”

Michael Moore asks us to take time to reflect on the beauty of God’s colourful creation.

“Starting stitch”

 Jenny Ingram reads from Psalm 139, and reflects on God knowing each and every one of us.

“Heroes and leaders”

Paul Adams shares with us the theme he plans to talk about in school assemblies, and asks what makes a hero or a leader.


“‘Buy a Nun a Book’ Day”

Bev Hollins reflects on the life at St Hildegard and asks us to pray for all nuns and monks today.


Pete Squires reflects on the excuses we can use for not doing the will of God.

“Celebrate our differences”

Richard Ormston reflects on the uniqueness of every single human being, and encourages us to rejoice in them.

“The one anothers”

Maggie Kelly encourages us that we can still make a difference to one another, even during this time of change.

“Shine like stars”

Michael Moore encourages us to follow the advice of Daniel and “instruct those around us in virtue”.

“Not to us, but to your name give the glory”

Jenny Ingram looks at Psalm 115 to remind us to give God the glory for all He has done.

“The chief purpose in life…”

Paul Adams encourages us to increase our knowledge of God, to respond in praise and to tell others about Him.

“We are God’s flock”

Bev Hollins reminds us that as a people of faith, it’s the being – not the doing – that matters.

“Search for Jesus”

Pete Squires talks about the uncertainty of our church services at this time, and why we need to have hope despite the restrictions.

“He shall drink from the brook beside the way”

Richard Ormston encourages us to come to Jesus daily to quench our spiritual thirst.


Maggie Kelly reminds us that God puts things in our lives to bring us joy, regardless of our circumstances.

“Busy bodies”

Michael Moore looks at busy bodies, and the difference between knowing things and gossiping about them.

“The cross stands as the world turns”

Jenny Ingram looks at the cross which hangs inside Peterborough Cathedral, and the eternal promise it reflects.

“God’s call”

Paul Adams looks at the story of Abram to ask whether God is calling you to do something new and bless others.

“Creative grace”

Bev Hollins reminds us that the love of our creator God enables us to love and be creative too.

“Take God with you”

Pete Squires challenges us to reflect our faith in God seven days a week, not just on Sundays.

“Jesus knocks on the door”

Richard Ormston takes us on a drive around the Abington area to remind us that only we (individually) can let Jesus into the different areas of our lives.

“Who can I trust?”

Maggie Kelly reminds us that God watches over those who put their trust in him, and doesn’t sleep on the job.

“I am with you always”

Michael Moore gets on his bike to encourage us that during the hard slog of life, God is with us.

“How did you first meet Jesus?”

Paul Adams looks at Paul’s conversion in Acts 9 to encourage us to share our individual stories of coming to faith.

“Dancing in the rain”

Jenny Ingram looks at the awesome power of our awesome God.

“Count your blessings”

Bev Hollins encourages us to take time every day to be grateful and to “give thanks to God every moment”.

“A scared world needs a fearless Church”

Pete Squires looks at Psalm 23 to encourage us not to be fearful – during this time and at any time.

“Calm down”

Richard Ormston looks at Enid Blyton, Astrerix, Tintin and Psalm 46 to remind us that God is our fortress.

“Letters of commendation”

Maggie Kelly encourages us that the only commendation or exam result that truly matters is the letter of Christ that other people can see in our hearts.

“Does God exist?”

Michael Moore uses a 12-year-old note recently found in a drawer from singer Helen Shapiro to help us answer that question.

“When was the last time you felt beautiful?”

Jenny Ingram examines what true beauty is, reminding us that God sees us in a way that no-one else does.

“Walking across the water”

Paul Adams encourages us to cry out to Jesus and constantly look to Him in times in trouble.

“Try, try, try again”

Beverley Hollins looks at the words of Jane Austen to encourage us to be persistent in prayer and in practice.


Pete Squires looks at Revelation 3:20 and challenges us to always look to the Bible for guidance.

NB: The last line should say:

“I encourage you – when you’re faced with choices in life, remember that Jesus stands at the door. Open that door and let him help you with the choices that you’re faced with.”

“You feed them!”

Archdeacon Richard Ormston looks at the Feeding of the Five Thousand to remind us that we are partners with Jesus in doing His work.

“The fields are ripe for harvest”

Maggie Kelly reminds that those who have Jesus in their hearts are children of God – and are able to share his Good News.


Hannah Jeffery reflects on the question “What does it mean by the way of life is like a narrow path?”


Paul Adams reads from 2 Corinthians 12 and is reminded that even through our tough times, God turns our weakness into strength.


Beverley Hollins explores Psalm 5:8 and asks us if we know who or what our enemy is.

“Journey of faith”

Pete Squires on his birthday (Happy birthday Pete!) remembers when he first came to faith in Christ, and reflects on how we can retain that commitment and passion, years later.

“Parable of the Mustard Seed”

Richard Ormston looks back at the origins of Northampton Saints Rugby Club, from small beginnings set up by the Revd Samuel Wathem Wigg to what it is today (like the Parable of the Mustard Seed).

“The Examen Prayer”

Michael Moore reads through the Examen Prayer and shares with us what he is grateful for.


Hannah Jeffery encourages us to hope in the promises, faithfulness and character of God, during this time of uncertainty.


Paul Adams talks on the importance of giving to help continue the work of God.

“In the acronym of P.R.A.Y, P is for Pause”

Beverley Hollins reflects on Luke 10:38–42 and how we can develop our relationship with God by finding time to pause in our busy lives.

“Look at the birds of the air…”

Pete Squires uses Matthew 6:25–27 to assure us that we can always cast our anxieties on God.

“Come to me…”

Richard Ormston uses Matthew 11:28–30 to remind us that God wants to be with us, teach us and share our burdens with us.

“Training in prayer”

Maggie Kelly encourages us to discipline ourselves to sit and be still before God, contemplating him.

“We pray for them”

Michael Moore encourages us to bring our friends and relatives to God who don’t yet know Him.

“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits”

Hannah Jeffery encourages us to actively spend time in contemplation with God.

“A love like no other”

Paul Adams reflects on the apostle Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians, and the immeasurable love of God it describes.

“Rooted in God”

Beverley Hollins assures us that whether we are in a church building or not, the only thing that matters is to be rooted in God.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect”

Pete Squires reminds us that we don’t need to overcomplicate the gospel – a childlike faith is what’s needed.

“How good it is to sing praise to our God”

Richard Ormston asks us if we really enjoy being in the presence of God – or do we attend in order to leave?

“Come and bring your thirst”

Maggie Kelly encourages us to make time to listen to God, and to pray for those who have already suffered (or will suffer) due to lockdown.

“God picked me”

Michael Moore reminds us that God loves us completely, and has given us all gifts so we can do his will.

“Let’s go for a walk together”

Hannah Jeffery reminds us that God loves it when we make time to spend with him.

“God’s promises”

An encouragement from Paul Adams that we can trust in the wonderful promises of God.

“Change starting at the fringes”

Beverley Hollins discusses the conversion of Cornelius the Centurion in Acts 10, reminding us that people on the fringes of the Church need to be listened to.

“How we live our lives matters”

Pete Squires uses John 4 to remind us that our testimonies are vitally important.

“Feeble excuses”

Richard Ormston uses the Parable of the Great Banquet from Luke 14 to challenge us all to respond to Jesus’ invitation of new life.

“Beautiful feet”

Maggie Kelly uses the words of Isaiah 52 to encourage us to bring the peace and good news of Jesus to our communities.

“Living the resurrection”

Steve Benoy reflects on the unexpected promise of these unusual times.

“We all need a reason to keep going”

Hannah Jeffery uses The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse to inspire us during this time.

“Take a step into the river”

Paul Adams uses Ezekiel 47 to remind us that we can always trust God.

“Change is necessary”

Bev Hollins reminds us that, in the light of recent events, change is always needed to help us become more like Jesus.

“God’s order is perfect”

Pete Squires reminds us that God’s way is always the right way.

“When it rains, look for rainbows”

Richard Ormston encourages us to be positive, ‘glass half-full’ believers.

“Renew your mind”

Maggie Kelly looks at Romans 12 and how we might be transformed – during and after lockdown.

“Like a weaned child, I am content”

Steve Benoy leads us in a reflection, based on the words of Psalm 131 and Matthew 6.

“New life out of darkness”

Hannah Jeffery reminds us that we can trust God during this time – and at all times.

“Here I am Lord, send me”

Paul Adams asks what God is calling you to do at this time.

“A dark and stormy night”

Beverley Hollins reminds us that during this difficult time, God is with us and has a much bigger plan.

“Strict training”

Pete Squires encourages us to train and condition ourselves in God’s Word.

“What is God saying to me?”

Richard Ormston encourages us to take time to listen to God’s voice, sometimes from unexpected sources.

“The Kingdom of God is come near to us”

Carys Walsh encourages us to relax our vision and look for God in new ways.

“Lord, have mercy on us”

 Steve Benoy reflects on the death of George Floyd and the events of this week, using the words of Isaiah 58.

“The battle is not yours, but God’s”

Hannah Jeffery reminds us that in times in trouble, we can look to God.

The song ‘God I Look To You’ (sung by Jenn Johnson) can be found below.

“Children of God”

Paul Adams reflects on God’s lavish love for every single one of us as individuals.

“May we know God’s touch”

Bev Hollins reflects on Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke 2, and how it compares to the social distancing we are currently facing.

“Church buildings”

Pete Squires reflects on the story of Nehemiah, and changes we may face when we return to our church buildings.

“Pray as you can, not as you can’t”

Richard Ormston talks about Charles Haddon Spurgeon and on the importance of prayer.


Carys Walsh touches on Thy Kingdom Come 2020 and using the experience of waiting as a time to stop, reflect and pray.

“Humanity behind the headlines”

Steve Benoy reflects on the current Dominic Cummings story and asks us to think of the humanity behind such stories.

“The lost sheep”

Hannah Jeffery wonders who the “lost sheep” are that God is putting on our hearts to pray for.

“I am the vine”

Paul Adams encourages us to remain close to God at all times – and to serve others in His glory.

“Thy kingdom come” 

Beverley Hollins encourages us to pray for the coming of God’s kingdom, and to live this out.

“Jesus is there for you and for me”

Pete Squires encourages us to ‘be Jesus’ to others during this time.

“Fire the starting gun”

Richard Ormston reflects on Matthew 28:18–20 and how we can live this passage out, even during these unusual times.

“Everything has the potential to be fruitful”

Carys Walsh reflects on Rogation Day and reminds us that everyone and everything is precious to God.

“Mission is about seeing what God is up to, and joining in”

Steve Benoy asks how we are looking for God’s signs and listening to God’s voice.

“Blessed are those who mourn”

Hannah Jeffery reflects on these times, encouraging us to make time to grieve.

“Joy and praise”

Paul Adams encourages us to boost our morale by making joy and praise part of our lives.

“What matters is that you pray”

Beverley Hollins encourages us to make time and space to spend time with God.

“Uncompromising existence”

Pete Squires looks at Esther and asks us if we have a similar ‘on fire’ faith in God.

“Behold, I make all things new”

Richard Ormston reflects on VE Day and the current lockdown, and how change has to be the result of such a situation.

“We are creatures of God”

Carys Walsh reflects on The Coronavirus Diaries and what their findings mean for people with – and without – faith in God.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul”

Steve Benoy reminds us that those who belong to Jesus have a hope – firm and secure.

“Hardship as discipline”

Hannah Jeffery asks whether we are willing to approach this period of lockdown as a time of training.

“Reshaping the world that we’re living in”

Paul Adams uses Jeremiah to ask whether something in our lives needs to be remoulded.

“Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!”

Bev Hollins reminds us that we can cry out to God for help whenever we need to.

“He gives strength to the weary”

Pete Squires reminds us that God will sustain us during the pressures of this unusual time.

“How are you going to sing a new song?”

 Archdeacon Richard challenges us to find new ways of communicating the good news of Jesus.

“Walking around with fresh eyes”

Carys Walsh reminds us that we are never alone – we are all caught up in God’s love.

“The whole of our life is of interest to God”

Steve Benoy reminds us that all of us has a vocation, whether within the Church or not.

“Do you know Jesus’ voice?”

Hannah Jeffery reflects on the voice of Jesus – the one who provides our safety, comfort and sustenance.

“Our God is a specialist in change”

Paul Adams reflects on how churches have responded to this current situation – and how this could continue into the future.


Bev Hollins encourages us to think positively, based on Paul’s words in Philippians 4.

“Sit at His feet”

Pete Squires encourages us to enjoy what we’re doing during lockdown – and not to worry.

“Don’t things change quickly”

Archdeacon Richard looks at the Resurrection to remind us that God is with us through all the changes of life.

“A living hope”

Steve Benoy looks at the words of Peter to inspire those living in the light of the Resurrection.

“Do you long to experience something new?”

Paul Adams encourages us to ask God for new experiences of him – and to mark those things.

“This lockdown is a chance to see ourselves as God sees us”

Archdeacon Richard encourages us to take a look at ourselves at this time.

“Ordinary people with an extraordinary faith”

Pete Squires challenges us to look at Bible stories and characters as examples to live up to ourselves.

“May this time of darkness be a time where God is – for you”

Steve Benoy reminds us that is God is always there in the midst of troubles.

“How will we be known?”

Paul Adams looks at Galatians and encourages us to show the Gifts of the Spirit to those around us.

“The candle has been snuffed out … but Jesus is just around the corner”

Charlie Nobbs uses art to show that we are never alone, even in the darkest of times.

“What we plant now will be significant in the time to come”

Pete Squires reminds us that we need to “sow the seed” at this strange time as much as we ever have done.

“You’re more than just another brick in the wall”

Archdeacon Richard reminds us just how much Jesus knows us, and how precious we are to Him.

“Slow down, turn on the lights, heed the warnings, hold on to hope”

Steve Benoy gives us encouragement during this difficult time.

Paul Adams encourages us to be generous and to make our own houses “houses of prayer”.

“The Gospel is bearing fruit”

Charlie Nobbs reminds us that God’s Spirit continues to move at this time – in unexpected ways.

“He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit.”

Pete Squires challenges us to look at our lives – past, present and future – now that we have more time on our hands.

“Chaos and Creation in the Backyard; Sigh No More; Riding with the King”

Archdeacon Richard looks at Psalm 23 (as well as three of his CDs) to offer comfort at this time.

“How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

Steve Benoy, the diocesan Director of Ordinands, explores the topic of worshipping authentically during this unusual time. (The written text for this reflection can be downloaded here.)

“God continues to do what God does.”

Our Stewardship Officer, Paul Adams, encourages us today not to fear – and to try and spend a bit more time with God during this unusual time.

“Find a way to make a simple rhythm”

Charlie Nobbs, our Director of Mission, talks about how to keep a daily routine during this unusual time.

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.”

Pete Squires from our Stewardship team encourages us to “embrace our faith” during this difficult time.

“To breakfast with the Lord … is to enjoy the day of heaven upon the earth.”

The first video from Archdeacon Richard reminds us that God remains with us all – always.

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