Acts 4 35, Simple and it works

Acts 435 5th Anniversary5 years on, 5,000 people helped, half a million pounds gone directly to those who need it.  Plenty of reason to celebrate, something Acts 435 did recently with two key groups of people who make the scheme work: the advocates and the donors.

Advocates are based at local churches (and some charities) and post requests on the Acts 435 website for the people they know to be in need in their local community.  The request is for a specific item they need up to £120.

Donors look through the requests and choose to support someone, with just £5 perhaps, or what they can afford.  Together donors meet that need and make a difference.  100% of what they give goes to the person in need which is possible because administration costs are kept low and funded through Gift Aid and private sponsorship.

Sound simple?  It is and 5 years of giving show how it has worked, enabling people to shop economically thanks to the gift of a fridge, visit terminally ill relatives thanks to the gift of a bus ticket, get a job thanks to the gift of decent interview clothes.

Try it and see!  Open up this opportunity to help those in need.


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