Week of Prayer for Youth

Teenagers: photo byKatya Alagich
Teenagers: photo byKatya Alagich

Churches all over the Diocese are joining together in October 2015 for an inspiring week of prayer for young people in their Parish, and for youth work in their Deaneries. Whilst we really hope that very many youth groups all over the Diocese will join in, we would also like to encourage those parishes that do not have young people or a youth group to participate too, as we mobilize the whole Diocese to pray.

Suggested prayer and intercessions:

Week of Prayer 4 – 11 October 2015

Intercessions for Young People (can be used in any Service during the week)

Let us Pray for Young People in our World, our Country, our Community and our Church… Please join in with the response:

We lift these young people to you, Father of All

We are one family in Christ

We pray for young people around the World.

For hope in a world that can often seem hopeless.

We pray for teenagers that have been militarised; given guns and taught how to kill.

We pray for the displaced, the terrified, the desperate – especially those persuaded to risk all to try to cross the seas to find a better life.

We pray for young people who are AIDS orphans; those growing up and entering adulthood without the guidance of their parents, or those left alone through natural disaster.

We pray for those young people who are exploited, cheated of the joys of being young.

We lift these young people to you, Father of All

We are one family in Christ

 We pray for the young people of our country.

We pray for the marginalised and the vulnerable; those being bullied, those in Care, those suffering in abusive situations or with families in poverty, trapped by addictions or debt. We pray for those being trafficked, refugees or young people in forced marriages.

We pray for those trapped into gang culture or addictions, those targeted for radicalisation and those who feel they have no-one to turn to.

We also pray for wealthy, privileged, busy and well-educated young people, that they will be challenged to stand up for truth and justice and will have the wisdom to reject apathy, hedonism and selfish behaviour.

We pray for young people suffering under the pressures of a culture of obsession with fame, beauty and perfection. Help them to know that they are each loved and cherished by you.

Give this generation of British young people hearts that care and hands that work to bring healing for the broken, a welcome for the stranger and equality for all.

We lift these young people to you, Father of All

We are one family in Christ

 We pray for those young people living around us, here in _____________

We pray for our local schools, for the teaching and support staff, as they guide young people towards taking a full part in society. We pray for those disenfranchised by the education system, that there will be safety nets to catch those who are most at risk.

We lift to you all the young people living around us here, that we may find ways to build bridges into their world, to meet them where they are; at work, rest and play.

We pray for all the young people, in our Parish (Benefice), who are suffering in body, mind or spirit. That through your Holy Spirit and the love of Your people they will know that they are not alone. Give them the gift of Hope.

We lift these young people to you, Father of All

We are one family in Christ

We thank you for our young people and all those belonging to Churches in our Diocese

We pray that they will know Your unconditional love and acceptance through the encouragement and care of Your people.

We pray that their gifts will be recognised and used for your glory, that they will learn more of you each day and that they will be brave enough to speak out against injustice.

We pray that their lives will shine your Light into the dark corners of their world; that as they face the pressures of the modern and changing world, you will give them wisdom. Help them to safely navigate the new virtual world and guide them in all relationships, both online and in person, at school, home and in the Community.

We lift these young people to you, Father of All

We are one family in Christ

 With love and hope, we pray for young people everywhere.

Through the power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,


For more information:

Becky Wills (Northampton Archdeaconry) – 01604 887058


Chad Chadwick (Oakham Archdeaconry) – 01604 887059


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