The words of a mother, the ‘Treasures from a Deep Mine’

The Rector of Thrapston Parish Church from 1979 to 1989, Revd Dr Andrew Daunton-Fear, is the editor of a special book published this month by a special author – his mother!

Treasures from a Deep Mine: Readings for Lent and Daily Life consists of 40 devotional talks by Alison Daunton-Fear, given in England and Australia over a period of 30 years. The book has been published by Onwards & Upwards, and their website describes Alison Daunton-Fear as “a gifted preacher whose ministry spanned a large part of the twentieth century, including during the years of the Second World War. As the Church of England did not allow women to be ordained at that time, she mainly preached to women’s groups, especially the Mothers’ Union, but her powerful sermons speak to us all today.

“Alison’s talks reflect her radiant Christian faith and beauty of spirit, her extensive knowledge of the Bible, and her deep love and understanding of the needs of humanity. They are concise but packed with spiritual truth with practical application that both challenges and encourages.”

Andrew, who was assisted in editing the book by his sister Mary, continues the story:

“My mother was trained at Ridgelands Bible College in Hertfordshire, and the Bible knowledge she gained there was put to very good use in assisting my father Richard in his ministry. She was generally given charge of women’s groups, particularly the Mothers’ Union. She clearly had a gift for public speaking and sometimes was asked to speak to wider audiences. When my father was Archdeacon of Tamworth in New South Wales, she gave a series of evening epilogues broadcast over local radio. Some of these are in this book. I believe this book will be a valuable resource for personal devotion this coming Lent.”

For further information on Treasures from a Deep Mine: Readings for Lent and Daily Life, visit the Onwards & Upwards website at

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