Lockdown opportunities

Emma Kirby, one of our Gen2 missioners, tells us about the unexpectedly positive effects that lockdown has had on her work.

Here at St. Mary’s in the parish of Weldon and Priors Hall, we have a heart for reaching out into the community. We believe that it is by making a difference in people’s lives and building relationships with them that they see Jesus through our work, and want to find out more.

Whilst lockdown has temporarily stopped some of our work and groups, it has also been a great opportunity to make new contacts which we may not have been able to do as easily in normal times. We are part of the Weldon Care, Share and Support team who provide help to those who are isolating at home by getting their shopping and prescriptions, and by making meals. The vicarage has a Community Shed with donated food and household supplies for emergency care packages. By working with the team, the church has raised its profile and credibility, demonstrating its commitment to actively supporting the community. We have also been able to come alongside those who are needing support, and have initiated relationships which will continue and develop past these uncertain times.

Through this intergenerational work, the community, in turn, supported us with our Christmas programme. Children and families naturally take part in outreach activities when the whole community is involved. As a Children and Families Mission Enabler, I see this as a stepping stone towards future opportunities for exploring faith.

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