Ringing for the death of Prince Phillip

People across the diocese may have heard their church’s bells ringing slowly at various times between the 9th and 17th of April. They were being tolled to mark the passing of HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Churches across the country were involved. Peterborough Cathedral’s ringing was reported on the local news. However there were many more towers and ringers involved, those in the diocese as listed below.

· Aynho, St Michael

· Ayston, St Mary the Virgin

· Badby, St Mary

· Barby, St Mary

· Barnack, St John the Baptist

· Barton Seagrave, St Botolph

· Belton, St Peter

· Bozeat, St Mary

· Brackley, St Peter

· Bradden, St Michael

· Braunston (Northants), All Saints

· Braunston (Rutland), All Saints

· Brigstock, St Andrew

· Bugbrooke, St Michael and All Angels

· Caldecott, St John the Evangelist

· Charwelton, Holy Trinity

· Chipping Warden, St Peter & St Paul

· Clipston, All Saints

· Cold Ashby, St Denys

· Cold Higham, St Luke

· Corby, St John the Baptist

· Cosgrove, St Peter & St Paul

· Cotterstock, St Andrew

· Cottesmore, St Nicholas

· Croughton, All Saints

· Culworth, St Mary the Virgin

· Daventry, Holy Cross

· Deene, St Peter

· Desborough, St Giles

· Earl’s Barton, All Saints

· Easton Maudit, St Peter & St Paul

· Easton Neston St Mary

· Ecton, St Mary Magdalene

· Empingham, St Peter

· Evenley, St George

· Everdon, St Mary

· Eydon, St Nicholas

· Finedon, St Mary the Virgin

· Flore, All Saints

· Glinton, St Benedict

· Great Addington, All Saints

· Great Brington, St Mary

· Great Casterton, St Peter & St Paul

· Great Doddington, St Nicholas

· Great Oxendon, St Helen

· Greatworth, St Peter

· Green’s Norton, St Bartholomew

· Grendon, St Mary

· Gretton, St James the Great

· Hambleton, St Peter & St Paul

· Hargrave, All Saints

· Harpole, All Saints

· Harringworth, St John the Baptist

· Helmdon, St Mary Magdalene

· Heyford, St Peter & St Paul

· Higham Ferrers, St Mary the Virgin

· Irchester, St Katharine

· Irthlingborough, St Peter

· Islip, St Nicholas

· Kettering, St Peter & St Paul

· Ketton, St Mary the Virgin

· Kingsthorpe, St John the Baptist

· King’s Cliffe, All Saints & St James

· King’s Sutton, St Peter & St Paul

· Kislingbury, St Luke

· Lois Weedon, St Mary the Virgin & St Peter

· Lyddington, St Andrew

· Maidwell, St Mary

· Market Overton, St Peter & St Paul

· Marston St Lawrence, St Lawrence

· Mears Ashby, All Saints

· Middleton Cheney, All Saints

· Moreton Pinkney, St Mary the Virgin

· Moulton, St Peter & St Paul

· Nassington St Mary & All Saints

· Newnham, St Michael & All Angels

· Northampton, All Saints

· Oakham, All Saints

· Orlingbury, St Mary

· Oundle, St Peter

· Pattishall, Holy Cross

· Peterborough, St Mary

· Peterborough, St John the Baptist

· Peterborough, Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul & St Andrew

· Potterspury, St Nicholas

· Preston, St Peter & St Paul

· Preston Capes, St Peter & St Paul

· Pytchley, All Saints

· Raunds, St Peter

· Ringstead, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

· Rothwell, Holy Trinity

· Rushden St Mary

· Seaton, All Hallows

· Stanion, St Peter

· Stanwick, St Lawrence

· Stoke Albany, St Botolph

· Sudborough, All Saints

· Sulgrave, St James the Less

· Thornhaugh, St Andrew

· Thrapston, St James

· Tinwell, All Saints

· Towcester, St Lawrence

· Ufford, St Andrew

· Uppingham, St Peter & St Paul

· Wansford, St Mary the Virgin

· Warmington, St Mary the Blessed Virgin

· Weedon, St Peter & St Paul

· Weldon, St Mary

· Wellingborough, All Hallows

· Whilton, St Andrew

· Whissendine, St Andrew

· Whitfield, St John the Evangelist

· Wicken, St John the Evangelist

· Wilbarston, All Saints

· Wing, St Peter & St Paul

· Wittering, All Saints

· Wollaston, St Mary

· Woodford, St Mary the Virgin

· Woodford Halse, St Mary the Virgin

· Wootton, St George

· Yardley Hastings, St Andrew

· Yarwell, St Mary Magdalene

· Yelvertoft, All Saints

Some were able to toll on the day the news was announced, others the day following. Some were able to toll again prior the funeral itself. Tolling is ringing of a single bell slowly, and some bells were tolled half muffled. This is when a leather pad is secured to the clapper, so that when the bell sounds it is alternately at normal volume and muffled at a reduced volume. This makes for a particularly mournful sound. It is important to make sure that muffles don’t slip, which would ruin the effect.

In normal times, bell ringers would expect to ring all their bells half muffled as well as toll them solemnly. Unfortunately Covid restrictions mean that we are unable to gather together to ring the bells as we would wish. Bell towers are usually fairly small spaces with not much in the way of ventilation. It’s not always possible to maintain social distancing while ringing, so for safety’s sake ringing has been largely suspended. We hope to be able to start ringing bells again once restrictions mean that we can gather indoors, but it may be sometime yet before the church bells in your town or village sound out fully again. For more information on bellringing in your local area, please visit www.pdg.org.uk.

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