Do you have any photos of churches in the Peterborough Diocese?

For the 100th anniversary, in 2024, the Guild will be producing a calendar for the year, decorated with images of churches within the Peterborough Diocese. The calendar will be produced with images in landscape format A4 size. Many towers may look better in portrait than landscape, so submissions can be a single landscape image or a selection of images of a single church to produce a collage. Images may be an external view of the church or tower, of the bells or installation, or architectural features of the church – be as inventive and artistic as you like. Images of a vibrant town centre church would be as interesting as an idyllic country church in a peaceful landscape. Images showing different seasons are particularly welcomed.

Pictures must be of churches within the boundaries of the Peterborough diocese with three or more bells hung for ringing. The bells do not need to be ringable. For ideas about towers, see the Towers section of the Guild website (

The competition is open to anyone and closes on the 1st September 2022, with winners to be announced at the Summer Festival that month. The three best images, as judged by the 100th Anniversary Committee, will be the recipient of a 100th Anniversary Calendar each for the photographer and for the tower pictured.

Terms and conditions are on the website, Entries to be e-mailed to

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