The Longest reigning monarch in British history

 HMQcutout.jpg.200x200_q100At 5.30pm 9 September 2015 HM Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving monarch in our history.

Many are preparing to celebrate this with parties, prayer and, with some hinting from HM Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire,  ringing of bells.

In an Open letter to many faith groups, Mr. David Laing stated that it was his wish

“that the moment be marked with a peal of bells from the churches of Northamptonshire.    It is hoped that as many churches as possible will join the celebration by ringing their bells at 5.30pm on 9th September, in answer to an opening peal, which will be rung by All Saint’s Church, Northampton at 5.15pm.”

He went on to day that all religions are invited to take part and asked that he could hear of from any group that plans to create a noise to ring or email :01604 367812

To help to mark this occasion, The Queen’s Private Secretary has commissioned, from the Archbishop of Canterbury, a prayer for use by local churches and cathedrals wishing to mark Wednesday 9th September, the date on which Her Majesty will become the longest reigning Monarch in British history
A Collect for use after the Collect of the Day at BCP services

Almighty God, who hast set our gracious sovereign Queen Elizabeth upon the throne of this realm, and given her to surpass all others in the years of her reign: Receive our heartfelt thanks for her service to her people, confirm and encourage her in the continuance of the same, and keep her in thy heavenly wisdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who took the form of a servant for our sake, and reigneth now in glory with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

 A modern-language prayer drawing on Philippians 2

Almighty God,
whose Son Jesus Christ exchanged the glory of a heavenly throne for the form of a servant,
we thank you that you have given Elizabeth our Queen a heart to serve her people,
and have kept her devoted in this service beyond all who were before her:
encourage us by her example to serve one another, and to seek the common good,
until you call us all to reign with Christ in your eternal kingdom.

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