Prayer Exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral

By Liz Hurst

prayer4 textile A textile exhibition on the theme of Prayer is in display at Peterborough Cathedral until Monday 28th March  2016. The pieces, made by Jacqui Parkinson, and inspired by passages from the Old and New Testament, are touring the cathedrals of England.

Jacqui says about the exhibition: “When I started on this project, I decided to make it very personaI. I selected key themes and words from the Bible, ones which meant most to me. They are part of my conversation with God, and the whole display includes parts of my life and thought … One idea which my patterns and images are designed to highlight is the way that our prayers are also part of a much bigger picture. They’re not just about ourselves, but also about the wider world. Prayer widens our horizons, brings us alongside people next door or across the world.”

The exhibition is open, free of charge, whenever the Cathedral is open. For more information visit

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