The egg that shares the Easter story

The Real Easter Egg with Easter Story
The Real Easter Egg with Easter Story

This year The Real Easter Egg range has had a makeover and each single boxed egg includes a unique copy of the Easter story in the shape of a pull out 37 cm high cross illustrated by Helen Cann.

The Original milk chocolate egg includes images of spring and three crosses on the box with Mark’s resurrection text under the lid. It also includes a Fairtrade milk chocolate Yummy Bar.

The Special Edition egg this year comes with an olive wood holding cross keyring from Bethlehem and an orange milk chocolate bar.

Not enough space for Easter eggs

 Every year, 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK. But with Easter day falling on 26th March this year, it means there is not enough shelf space available in shops or enough time for online retailers to post them all out leading to shortages. So if you normally buy your Real Easter Eggs online, from supermarkets or a local shop, then act now.

Tastes good and does good

 The Real Easter Egg remains the only Fairtrade chocolate Easter egg to have an Easter story booklet in the box and to make a charitable donation from sales.

Since its launch in 2010, the number of Real Easter Eggs sold has been rising. The volume of sales means that production of Fairtrade chocolate has had to be moved from Europe to the UK. This is a great success story which churches and schools have played a part in making happen. In addition more than £200,000 has been donated to charitable and educational causes.

Where to buy

Please note that the Dark egg and Special Edition are not being sold in supermarkets but can be bought from independent stores or ordered online.

This year, you can buy from , Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons or from independent stores, bookshops and Cathedral shops.

See the full shop list or order at      

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