The Bishop’s Home Group course

By Peter Stilling

Home group leaders course 2015When I mentioned that I was going on a Home group leaders course a couple of people said to me, “Why do you need a course on how to run a group ?” and “You have devised and run, work and church groups so why this?”

My answer;  From time to time I feel I need to improve my skills by learning something new or refreshing something I’m doing.

The course was excellent. The content, delivery, and the quality of facilitators was very good. Meeting new fellow Christians and sharing ideas is always good. The first year with the Home Group leaders and Children’s courses being together worked well. When we went our separate ways there we focused on our own needs. What came through was the need for personal leader preparation as well as ways of looking afresh at the Bible.

The first year had a focus on areas we all had learnt before, which is good to be reminded of good learning and have past learning refreshed with new ways of reading and presenting material.

The second year around Ethics was different and quite exciting. It was presented in a quite dynamic and innovative way.      Our two presenters worked well off each other. I felt it carried everyone along at a good pace – well it did me and I know others who felt the same.

One of the valuable ideas I came away with was the need to have a good learning atmosphere for the Home group to ‘grow in’, this reflected the course atmosphere.

This is important so the Home group can benefit from the purpose of moving people’s understanding the Bible and of their faith, forward. For me an important part of leading a Home group will be creating a good environment. There needs to be a calm, safe and relaxed environment. A choice of venue will be an important part of the whole Home group experience.



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